Angelia Jolie on Her Kids: “They’re Already Asking Me About Tattoos”



Angelina Jolie is known for her charitable work, her movies, and her love for body art.

Speaking on tattoos, the 39-year-old beauty told Radio Times that her kids want tattoos already: “They’re already asking me about tattoos.  How do I say ‘No’?  It’s especially hard for dads and girls.  For some reason, men get a little more sensitive when the daughter gets a tattoo.  And [Brad Pitt] thinks the girls can do no wrong.  He’s mush in their hands!”

Speaking on her kids, she says that if they choose to get into acting, she would support them.  “We’ve always said, if they want to act, we won’t let them only act, because it’s not enough.  They’ll have to find a real job at the same time.  But I’m hoping that when they see all the other things in the world, they’ll be inspired to be writer,  politicians, activists.  They’re very individual people so I imagine they’re not going to follow their mom and dad.”

The actress/director told People Magazine that she has someone who monitors her kids online activity: “For the kids, we have someone who monitors that.  It’s so beyond what we understand.  We wouldn’t even know what to look for.  It’s a scary new world.  I can only imagine the trouble I would’ve gotten into.  I got in enough trouble.  It just would have been very documented.”

People Magazine, who put Angelina on their cover, named her the “Woman of the Year.”

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