Beyonce is Most Definitely (Maybe) Pregnant?!



Beyonce Pregnant?

Is Beyonce pregnant or not?  That is the question the internet is asking!

All the buzz started after Beyonce posted a photo on instagram. The photo is question was a snap of the singer buried under the sand with her face showing, but the interesting part was the giant mound of sand on her stomach, resembling a baby bump.  Her daughter Blue Ivy was also pictured in the photo.  Bey didn’t give a caption to the photo, but perhaps its because she wants the world to interpret it as is, aka she is pregnant.

Mrs. Carter has also been seen while on vacation in Thailand and Cambodia rocking baggy clothes that could very well be hiding her second pregnancy.  She does love surprising people!  Let’s not forget Beyonce dropping an album that took everyone by surprise.  The last time we found out Beyonce was pregnant was at the 2011 MTV VMAs after her performance of “Love on Top.”  That was also a surprise to the world.

Our theory here at PopStop TV is that Queen Bey is pregnant with baby number two and this was her big announcement.  What do you think?  Is Beyonce telling us she is pregnant in her pic or or we just reading into it too much?  Share your thoughts below!