Beyonce vs. Drake At Karaoke Bars!


Destiny's Child Karaoke

Imagine singing a song, and the singer of that jam bursts right into your karaoke room? Well, that’s exactly what happened in Miami when a group of girls were singing “Party” by Beyonce!

Beyonce turned some girls’ dreams into a reality when she showed up at Sing Sing Karaoke in Miami with Jay-Z, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams and Timbaland!

Queen Bey crashed the private party when she heard the girls sing her jam, “Party!” it doesn’t seem like the girls recognize the 32-year-old singer at first! After all, what are the chances? But once they did, the room turned into a fiasco. They completely freaked out, as one girl even covered her mouth and gasped!

Beyonce Karaoke

Look at their drunk friend in the back who was all passed out! She sure missed out on the chance of a lifetime but no worries! Beyonce made sure the sleeping girl would have something to remember by by taking a picture next to her. Queen Bey trolling? This is awesome!

And the best part of the story? It looked like it was a Destiny’s Child reunion! Are they practicing their vocals to surprise us with another upcoming performance? Or perhaps new music?

Queen Bey’s entourage isn’t the only posse in town who loves Karaokee! Drake even stopped by a karaoke bar recently, where he practiced rapping to Kanye West’s “Heartless.” He posted the video on Instagram, captioning it, “Everybody on Good Music!!!”

Aw, talk about bromance! Remember when Yeezy invited Drake onto the stage during his Yeezus tour? I guess the two became BFFs after that!

Drake Karaoke Kanye West

Who do you guys think is a better Karaokee singer? Beyonce or Drake? And who would you want to see surprise you at your Karaokee party next time? Leave your comments below and tweet us @PopStopTV! I’m XiXi, signing off for Pop News Daily! See ya next time!