Britney Spears Tickets For $4000 Each?

Posted on Nov 22 2013 - 6:29am by Angelina Hwang

 Britney Spears Tickets For $4000 Each?

Uh-oh! Scam alert for all you Britney Spears fans out there!

If you were hoping to attend Britney Spears and’s listening party tonight, think again before you purchase a ticket online!

There’s already a website online selling these tickets for about $4,000 each! What! We know Britney is the Princess of Pop, but isn’t that a little too much?

Well, according to her reps, it’s completely fake!

The site is just a scam and although the 31-year-old singer is confirmed to attend El Lay tonight, there are NO tickets! It’s all invite only!

Ew, who in their right mind would try to trick others like this?

I understand that Britney is leaving soon for Vegas and her album, “Britney Jean,” is going to drop anytime now, so she is kind of a big deal, but still…

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