David Arquette Talks Adam Lambert Lap Dance, Chippendale Future?


David Arquette talks Adam Lambert lap dance, Chippendale future?

We caught up with David Arquette at the Los Angeles Ballet Rubies Gala!

As owner of Bootsy Bellows, the newest LA hot spot, David has been known to get down and party!

“I have been known to dance a little,” David said. “Sometimes i get a little shy. At Bootsy Bellows (his bar) I actually have a ballerina- a dancing ballerina marionette- so I do a lot of dancing with her.”

And how in the world did he end up giving Adam Lambert a lap dance?

“It was his (Adam’s) birthday and he was kind enough to celebrate it at our club Bootsy Bellows,” David said. “So I decided to give him a lap dance. He was sweet about it.”

And that made us ask him the question- is Chippendales in the near future?

“I have done spoof Chippendales routines but to do it professionally I just don’t think I’m there yet,” David said.

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