Demi Lovato on Her Body: “I Love My Butt”


Demi Lovato Give Your Heart a Break

Demi Lovato is comfortable with her body and isn’t afraid to go without makeup for a magazine shoot.

The stunning “Heart Attack” singer didn’t wear any foundation, concealer, etc. for a shoot with Allure Magazine–and she looked flawless.  Wearing only lip gloss and mascara, Demi shows of her blemish free skin!

In a behind the scenes video from the Allure shoot, Demi said that “we wanted today to be super natural, show my skin, show my freckles.  I do have a regimen and I stick to it.  No matter how tired I am, I always take my makeup off before I go to sleep, I always wash my face, use a toner, sometimes a serum if I need some extra love.  Then I wear a really thick night cream.  I just listen to my skin.”

The 22-year-old also created a skincare line, called Devonne by Demi, because, according to the magazine, said said “I wanted to create my dream products.”

Now that she’s in her twenties, Demi has definitely grown comfortable with her body, saying that “I’m getting more confidence in my body.  As I’ve gotten older, I’m fine showing my cleavage.  And tight-fitting stuff is fine, but short shorts, short skirts, short dresses–nobody’s ever comfortable in that.  If you are, then you probably live on a beach, and all you wear is a bikini.”

What part of her body is her favorite?  Demi told Allure that it’s all about the booty.  “Wearing pants that showcase my beautiful assets.  It’s my butt.  I love my butt.  Hopefully it stays that way, cause this ain’t going anywhere.”

What do you think of Demi’s no makeup look? I think she looks amazing!  Share your thoughts below!