Exclusive! Gabourey Sidibe Talks Self-Confidence & Checks the Haters


Gabourey Sidibe

Gabourey Sidibe is one of the most confident ladies in Hollywood! When she caught a wind of haters criticizing her Golden Globes dress, the 30-year-old actress tweeted something about how she’s laughing in her private jet!

Well, we caught up with Gabourey at the “White Bird In A Blizzard” premiere at Sundance, where she dished to us about her self-confidence and gave some words of wisdom to other gals!

She dished, “I’m not trying to set an example at all. I just sort of trying to live my life as comfortably as possible, and for the most part, I won’t be addressing the haters or any of that. I don’t believe in haters. Haters only exist if I’m doing bad and if I’m doing okay. It wasn’t exactly my private jet, it was FOX’s private jet because I did take it to go to work. Still a private jet though…” She gave a quick wink to the camera.

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