July 4th BBQ: 8 Celebs We Want at Our BBQ!


Fourth of July is all about hanging out with friends and family and enjoying some BBQ!  If we had the chance to BBQ with any celebrity, here is who we would love to invite!

Vanessa Hudgens: The “Spring Breakers” actress is always at the trendiest places, from festivals to clubs.  The 25-year-old actress looks like she knows how to have fun and make every party a good time!

Zac Efron: Although it may be awkward to be at the same party as his ex-girlfriend, Vanessa, she probably won’t mind his six pack!  We want him at the grill without a shirt on, just like that infamous scene in “Neighbors.”  Zac, you’re always welcome at our BBQ!

Rihanna: The singer is the epitome of cool and if she came, it would mean our party is dope!  Riri knows she what’s hot, so she would definitely make our BBQ epic!

Tyrese: The sexy singer/actor not only has a fantastic body, but his dazzling smile can melt ice!

Chrissy Teigen: Based on her social media posts, Chrissy sure has a great sense of humor!  The 28-year-old “Sports Illustrated” model is always posting the funniest photos and tweets!

Miley Cyrus: The “Bangerz” singer would be the life of the party!  She can twerk like no other and can teach the other guests a thing or two about how to shake it!

Ashley Benson: Besides the fact that she’s on one of the hottest shows, “Pretty Little Liars,” and that she partied with Vanessa in “Spring Breakers,” Ashley seems really chill and would be a perfection addition to our BBQ.

Josh Hutcherson: What BBQ would be complete without Peeta from “Hunger Games?”  The 21-year-old hottie seems like such a sweetie, someone we can watch fireworks with!

What do you think about our dream guest list for this Fourth of July?  Share your thoughts below!