Justin Bieber Accused For Egging His Neighbor’s House?


Justin Bieber eggs neighbor's house

Just when we thought Justin Bieber was done hitting the headlines for causing trouble, I guess we spoke too soon!

News just in! Justin Bieber is now being accused for egging his neighbor’s house!

That’s right! According to the neighbor, it was about 7:30pm and he was in his house upstairs with his daughter. He revealed, “We began to hear something hitting the house like rocks or things crashing into the window. We went to our outside balcony and saw Justin standing in my front yard, ripping eggs at my house.”

The neighbor allegedly yelled at the 19-year-old singer who yelled back at him, saying, “Yeah I got another one for you!”

According to the neighbor and his daughter, they are confused because they had done nothing wrong to Justin! They’re not sure why JB decided to attack them!

At the moment, all we know is that the Los Angeles Sheriff received a phone call at about 7:30pm and The Biebs is the main suspect!

According to Criminal Defense Attorney Troy Slaten, the “Heartbreaker” singer could be facing criminal charges. He admits, “It would appear because of all the prior run ins with speeding, spitting and everything else in his neighborhood, prosecutors are going to take a very close look at this.”

What do you guys think? Did JB really egg his neighbor’s house? And if so, why would he do such a thing? Hit the comments below and tweet us @PopStopTV.