Justin Bieber Reunion with Lil Twist: The Real Bad Boy is Back


Justin Bieber and Lil Twist popstoptv

The story is that we just spotted Justin and Twist making an exit together from Playhouse in Hollywood Thursday night. Most of the people probably still remember Lil Twist, the rapper, as Justin Bierber’s friend that drove his car and got arrested.  It was because he was racing Bieber’s car and caused another celebrity’s car damage.

Is the ‘real’ bad guy back to Bieber’s life? I guess so after the singer’s management team reported. Also, Twist posted a photo of Justin and himself on instagram these days by saying that, “And Just like that… We are bak… leaving a great dinner with my lil brother.”

Back to January, 2013, when Twist had cause over millions of damages to one of Bieber’s cars when he speeding without Bieber in the car. This incident on the first day of 2013 was only the beginning of the trouble that Twist was bringing, to Bieber.

Based on the source a couple of days later, the police have caught the two BFFs smoking some uncertain cannabis blunts on some hotel room party. Twist also threw a party at Bieber’s mansion while the star was in Europe, bothering the neighbors and so on.

It seems like the rapper has done a lot of for his BFF… What do you guys think about they being best friends again? Comment below and let us know!!