Justin Bieber Tackled On Stage!


Justin Bieber Tackled on Stage!

While on his Believe tour in Dubai, Justin Bieber has reportedly been “attacked” during his concert in Dubai. More like tackled by a fan who just wanted a hug from the Biebs… on stage.

Is he alive? Yes, he’s perfectly fine and so is his romance with Selena Gomez. However, his state of mind from the incident might have not gone by unharmed.

Bieber had been by his piano when the fan rushed onto the stage and grabbed him from behind. Security quickly came out onto the stage and apprehended the overzealous fan. During the process, the guards and the intruder not-so-gracefully knocked over the piano on stage.

But the Canadian pop star continued on with the concert as if nothing ever happened! Pretty impressive. The Biebs is all grown up now.