Kim Kardashian Attacked at Paris Fashion Show



Fashion Week turned out not so perfect for Kim Kardashian.

According to close resources, on the day Kim was trying get into Balmain’s Paris Fashion Show, a man dives at her leg. The man seemed to bring the star to the ground, and Kim’s security team tried to keep her safe.

As for her husband Kanye, he tried to get to his wife and protect her. The TMZ source confirmed the attacker, who is a red carpet prankster, as Vitalli Sediuk. Without any more information about this guy, we cannot know the reason why he was doing that.

After all this, the couple finally got into the show. Even their cute baby girl North got attention on Wednesday by wearing a T-shirt with leggings and in the front low. Her mom, Kim, felt excited and said that North is also excited about her first Fashion Show and that she likes it.

It seems like the family had a very different experience at Fashion Week, but at least they had some lovely memories.