Kim Kardashian’s Cankles!


Normally, women who are pregnant trade in their dresses for sweats and their heels for flats, but not Kim Kardashian! The 6 month pregnant mom refuses to give up the heels, which has her feet screaming for help!

Kim Kardashian posted pictures on Instagram of her overly swollen feet – results from her squeezing them into high heels. We actually praise Kim for her fashion sense. She’s a gorgeous pregnant woman who looks amazing wearing chic dresses in size 12, but why can’t she match them with some cute flats?

“When I flew in them the other day,” she said talking about her heels, “I landed with one strap unbuckled, as I couldn’t get it around my ankle.”

Yikes, is she taking it a little too far?

Doctors have already instructed her to lose the heels. Thank goodness someone is looking out for her. We just need to get her to listen!

 “My doctor has told me to elevate my feet,” Kim tells a fashion magazine about her latest maternity mayhem. “Can you see how wide and swollen they are? I’ve just ordered a pair of pointy-toed flats.”




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