Madonna Has Found Instagram!

Posted on Feb 11 2013 - 3:55pm by tanneracord

Madonna has found Instagram!

I know the excitement is a killer. But not NEARLY as killer as the Selfy she has uploaded of her drinking a cocktail. This is just like when parents try to be “hip” in front of their kids by talking like them or wearing “hip” cloths, but it just doesn##Q##t work out because they really have no idea what they##Q##re doing. She needs to search YouTube for a “How To” video that can show her the proper way to take a Selfy. The one she has up is just scary and its not something a guy wants to have looking up at him in any “situation.” This is followed by a nice ol sweaty cleavage shot. mhmm Madonna you##Q##re doing it wrong.

m 300x168 Madonna Has Found Instagram!

“Cheers Motherf–! I##Q##m on instagram.”

Screen Shot 2013 02 11 at 4.01.56 PM 300x300 Madonna Has Found Instagram!


“Addicted to Sweat!!”


Should her Majesty Madonna keep up with the Instagram Selfies? Make it POP or Make it STOP!

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