Miley Cyrus Possibly Heading to Jail?



Oh Miley!  Miley Cyrus is at it again, twerking onstage, and this time it’s not harmless fun!

It all started when Miley was performing on Tuesday in Monterrey, Mexico for Mexican Independence Day.  She was wearing a prosthetic butt that resembled Nicki’s Minaj’ derierre with a leotard layered on top. Then, one of her back up dancers started slapping her butt with a Mexican flag during a song! To top if off, Miley was twerking during the flag slapping on the butt incident.

Unfortunately, Mexico has strict laws in regards to their flag and harsh penalties if a person is caught desecrating it. If charged, Miley could potentially be fined $1,200 and jailed for 36 hours.

No word on if the pop singer will be charged but one thing is for sure, Miley probably shouldn’t do that again!

Do you think Miley should be charged for the Mexican flag butt slapping incident? Share your thoughts below!