North West, Penelope and Mason Disick In 25 Years?


North West Mason Penelope Disick

Now, we all know that North West, Penelope and Mason Disick are the real stars of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians!” Those kids are so cute! But what will they look like in 25 years? Our Pop News Daily team did a little morphing, and you won’t believe the results.

First up, we have baby Mason, the son of Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick!

Yes, you all know his adorable face!

At the age of 3, he’s already got that long dirty blonde hair and round puppy eyes! You know he’s going to grow up to be a heartbreaker! Especially if he’s going to transform into something a little like … this.

Mason disick future pic

Wow, what a charismatic, good looking man! Look at those locks. Hello Fabio 2.0! Mason looks like Kim’s BFF Jonathan Cheban!

Then there’s Penelope, the daughter of Kourtney and Scott!

Penelope Disick Future pic

Yikes. That’s not a looker. She’s got Scott’s eyebrows and Kourtney’s smile! At least we’ll know what a female version of Nicolas Cage looks like!

And last but not least, the one we’ve been all waiting for! Here is baby North West, who’s got Kim’s eyes and Kanye’s jaw!

North West Baby future pic

Oh my, especially with Kim’s DNA, it’s no wonder she’ll grow up to be a gorgeous bombshell! She looks kinda catty but hey… what can we expect? She’s got Kanye as her father!

What do you guys think about these pics? Which one did you like the most? Hey, all you artists out there! Send us some morphed photos of other celeb babies! Hit the comments below and tweet us @PopStopTV.