Pauly D’s Baby Mama Rants on Twitter!

Posted on Oct 31 2013 - 11:25am by Angelina Hwang

Pauly D Amanda Markert Pauly Ds Baby Mama Rants on Twitter!

Wow, it looks like Pauly D’s baby mama has a lot on her mind!

Amanda Markert is letting it all out on Twitter!

After rumors sparked that Pauly D has been allegedly trying to get in touch with Amanda to see baby Amabella but couldn’t get a hold of her, the mother went online to explain it all!

She wrote, “This is getting out of hand, you’ve had my number since day 1. Come bond with her any day, any time you and your family want.”

“It could all be so simple…”

Since we last spoke I don’t have any way to get in touch with you directly and I think we can solve this by talking ASAP.”

She even wrote on Twitter that Pauly D had known about the child all along!

“Looks like any chances of utilizing my degree towards a positive career and future for my kids is now ruined bc of the media…”

“I kept this a secret from everyone BUT him for a reason, the best interests of my children. It’s not my fault he told.”

“And the ‘texts’ were NEVER brought up by me. He told media that too.”

“And who gets hurt out of all the negative he has put out there? The baby girl.”

“And when she reads about her father wanting her aborted, it’s going to damage her little heart.”

“Stop putting negative out there! For the sake of the little girl.”

“The interview I did only, to defend myself, was not compensated!”

“The pictures of my children out there were stolen from my social media sites, which I keep in touch with friends and family.”

“I can’t even walk my son to the bus stop now because people are out there taking pictures.”

“Worst week of my life. God give me strength.”

“I saw the ultrasound. I heard the heartbeat. I couldn’t go through with it…”

“So yes it paid for ONE ultrasound, Blood work, and proof of pregnancy. I paid for 9 months of doctors appointments following….”

“I have been financially supporting Amabella MYSELF for the past 5 months.”

“Apparently he wrote a check and sent it a few days ago just to show the media the copy of it…publicity stunt.”

“I love my children more than ANYTHING in this world. The chaos he has created is a shame.”

“He has NEVER contacted me to see this child and I have never denied him his rights as a father.”

“Nor did I hide the pregnancy from him. He knew all along and he never once denied it was his.”

“Calling her a ‘love child’ in the media. Does he not realize she will read all of this later on?! And how damaging it will be!?!”

“I have studied about child psychology and child growth and development within my years of schooling…”

“…And I know the importance of having both parents involved. I hope he ends this war and starts making the right choices.”

“This is REALITY not a REALITY sitcom! Leave your publicity mask at home. I’m sick of this!”

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