Ryan Reynolds Talks About His Daughter!


Ryan Reynolds Blake Liveley

We finally get to hear more about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ baby girl, who was born sometime before New Year’s.

Although we still don’t know her name or her actual birthdate, Ryan opens up a little about his daughter.

He told E! News that being a parent is much hard than trying to figure out social media: “Oh gosh, I would have to say being a dad.  You know, Twitter doesn’t wake you up every 45 minutes. Twitter isn’t protecting you from being asleep.”

He also talked about being outnumbered by girls in his house, telling E! that: “I’ll take that any day.  I grew up with three older brother and I know the beatdown that they can cause.  Also I really like my home and growing up with three older brothers, we made our house a wiffle house routinely, we put holes in just about everything so having a little girl is…I’ll take it.”

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