Top 5 Celebrity Legal Drama of 2013: Spike Lee, Aaron Carter, Kanye West & More!

Posted on Dec 27 2013 - 4:28pm by Mona Parsa

Top 5 Celebrity Legal Drama of 2013: Spike Lee, Aaron Carter, Kanye West & More!

It’s not easy being a celebrity! Not only are they under the microscope for everything they do or don’t do, some also provide valuable learning experiences for us through their very own triumphs and falls.

In the spirit of wrapping up 2013 and starting the new year right with a fresh new blank slate, our PopStop TV News team is counting down the top 5 Celebrity Legal Drama of 2013!

Coming in at #5 is Dr. Oz. The TV personality may have an uncanny resemblance in his mannerisms as your hometown doctor, but you better don’t mistake him for your doctor! This lesson was learned after a viewer of Dr. Oz gave one of the doctor’s tips a try and was burned – literally.
On the show, Dr. Oz suggested to place uncooked rice in socks and place the socks in the microwave to warm up. He then advised to wear the socks to bed to help with sleep problems due to cold feet.

Well, the viewer did just that. He took the advice from the trustworthy doctor, yet he ended up as the complete opposite of cold. Hot. Really, really hot – experiencing second and third degree burns because of his medical condition (neuropathy – having a low ability to sense things).
The viewer filed suit against Dr. Oz, claiming that by providing him advice, Dr. Oz had a doctor-patient relationship with the viewer and thus failed to be careful in providing advice to him. The Judge ruled that no such doctor-patient duty existed.

So, while this battle was wrapped up in the courts and in legal language, it’s application is quite practical outside of the law: advice taken from someone who appears trustworthy could indeed by great advice, but be sure they know your full story and background. Always consult with someone – whether for your medical, legal, personal needs – who knows you, the real you, the you that you love being and the you that everyone loves seeing! Only then will you get the personalized advice that will be your help and shining light on a dark night. Whoa, it’s getting poetic now…
Moving on to #4, we have Nick Carter’s little bro – Aaron Carter. The year was not the best for the singer, who filed for bankruptcy and claimed a debt of over $2,000,000.00. That’s surely a lot of zeros! No doubt Aaron, in all his success, gained a thick wallet at some point, but it may have been wise for his finances to be in the hands of the more experienced, especially with his success at such a young age.

Some have talent in the arts, some in business, some in athletics, some in science, and not everyone in numbers and finance. Aaron’s situation is just a reminder to tap and consult with the resources around us when we simply don’t know! After all, we don’t know everything, you know? Well, now you know!

Coming in at #3 and #2, we have Spike Lee and Maria Menounos. They both faced legal hassle this year for statements they’ve made in public – Spike Lee for incorrectly tweeting the address of a couple’s home as George Zimmerman’s residence, and Maria for the exclamation she made to her stylist at a party one night about the publicist not returning clothes loaned to her by Dolce & Gabbana. The homeowners who are suing Director Spike Lee say that he wasn’t careful (aka he was ‘negligent’) when tweeting, and Maria’s stylist states that she was defamed (making a statement that is false and that harms the reputation of another).

While Maria has settled and resolved the matter, Spike’s settlement is not so final. Nonetheless, they both show that while the heat of the moment can get us excited and riled up, think before acting or reacting when getting “social” – in person and online. In this litigious world, you never know who your statement could reach and what lawsuit you can get slapped with.

The #1 spot goes to… sneakers! Sneakers? Sneakers.

Sneakers have long been an item beloved by celebrities to tag themselves to, and one of 2013’s hottest contracts signed this year involves exactly that.

In the later part of 2013, as Kanye West signed a deal with Adidas, Drake signed with Nike, just after Kanye left Adidas. Call it musical-sneakers… get it? Ok I digress… big applause to Drake for seeing the void at Adidas after Kanye’s departure and going straight for it. The legal and contract specifics aren’t known, but this swift business-move is a solid example of tunnel vision for success – a useful and necessary tool for all areas in life, celebrity or not, entertainer or not, professional or student, etc. Thanks to Drake – and certainly Kanye – for showing what a go-getter attitude can bring. Now if that’s not exemplary, tell me what is!

That rounds off our countdown for 2013, and we can’t wait to start 2014 with you! Connect with us with what you want to see here on PopStopTV in the new year. We want to hear from you!

Have a joyful and safe one!

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