Shia Labeouf Passes Out Free Copies of His Book!

What is Shia Labeouf doing now after the Transformers series? Passing out free copies of his book on the streets!

All time low? NO WAY! He’s just promoting his book “Stale N Mate” while at Meltdown Comics on Saturday (May 4) for a book signing.

“Stale N Mate” is a self created graphic novel comic book by Shia Labeouf!

Actor gone writer, the novel is about “a death row inmate becomes a darling of the media and big tobacco after he demands his right to a last cigarette in a smoke free prison.”

What’s next for Shia Labeouf? Another novel? Who knows! He is up and coming in Lars Von Trier’s forthcoming movie, Nymphomaniac, which doesn’t have a release date yet, so be on the look out!