Snooki Ugly


Remember when Paris Hilton thought she was off-air and she started cursing off some radio TV host?

Well, it’s happening again!

This time, Steffan Tubbs, a radio host in Colorado, thought the microphone was off when he decided to call Snooki “f*cking ugly” on Tuesday!


But that’s okay, Snooki didn’t take it too personally.

She wrote on Twitter, writing, “No hard feelings Steffan Tubbs.. I am ‘f*cking ugly’ :( ”

Aww, I bet that must’ve hurt her feelings, but she’s definitely living up to the motto on her Twitter,  “I dare you to try and bring me down.”

Considering she was just kicked off of Dancing With The Stars and now this? What a strong girl!

As for Steffan, he definitely got in trouble by his radio station, 850 KOA-AM!

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