Tim Burton Caught Cheating On Helena Bonham Carter – PHOTOS!



Tim Burton has been married to Helena Bonham Carter for over 12 years, and the two are basically poster children – right next to Will and Jada Pinkett Smith – of Hollywood marriages that last longer than a carton of milk.

Although the 55-year-old director kept a good part of his personal life under the radar, he was apparently spotted embracing a mystery woman following a cinema date in Hampstead, London.

Photos leaked of the “Alice In Wonderland” director kissing the mystery blonde as they returned to their car after watching “The Wicker Man”!

The pictures were taken at the end of September, and although they are a bit grainy, it’s really hard for anyone to miss Tim’s signature curls and messy facial hair!

A source tells MailOnline, “They stopped in an alley to kiss before making their way back to her car together.”

Say it ain’t so!

Tim first fell in love with Helena when was cast in his remake of “Planet of The Apes”, and they’ve worked on many films together, like “Alice In Wonderland”. The couple is known to fight often while working on films together. Jonny Depp recalled that he used to have to pretend to be deeply interested in his props while the two bickered.

The last time Tim and Helena were seen together in public was March of this year, when they attended an event with their kids Billy and Nell.

Check out the photos and let us know!

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