Toni Braxton Exposes Her Booty!


toni braxton

Forget her heart… Toni Braxton un-broke her dress while performing on stage at a concert in New Jersey!

The fans got a little more than what they paid for at a Toni Braxton concert in New Brunswick, New Jersey!

The 45-year-old singer was on stage performing her 2000 hit “He Wasn’t Man Enough” when the back half of her shimmery dress popped off, exposing her derriere for the world to see!

TMZ got footage of the incident, and Toni continued to perform for a few more seconds without seeming to notice the wardrobe malfunction!

She, who realized mid-way through that her butt was hanging out, tried to quickly pull her skirt up.

Eventually, an audience member saved the day by lending her a sports coat to cover up the exposed region. The singer went on without hesitation.

Toni ripped off the dress and finished the show in her fan’s suit jacket!


Toni carried on like a pro and we can’t help but to notice how sexy her behind is at her age. Are you hoping for more wardrobe malfunctions from her? Make it pop or make it stop?