Too Short Talks DUI & Equality for Gay Rappers

Posted on Apr 24 2013 - 5:50pm by J-Ro

Too $hort talks DUI, equality for gay rappers.

Our PopStop TV team caught up with rapper Too $hort at the annual Krush Groove concert at the Gibson Theatre in Universal City.

Too $hort performed at the event, and said “my 47th birthday is next week, it just feels good to go out there and see the different ages- some of the kids jammin…grandmas jammin.”

Too $hort recently teamed up with Young Jeezy on the rapper’s remix of “R.I.P.”

“I’ve worked with him before (Jeezy) but none of the stuff has come out yet, so it’s pretty cool to get the remix,” Too $hort said.

And he wasn’t too shy to talk about his recent arrest for suspicion of DUI.

“Well…it happens….you know…I’m a rock star,” he said. “It’s more media hype. Only in LA though- they only hype up the whole celebrity arrest thing…you know TMZ is hanging out with you while you get arrested. They wait for you when you get out.  You expect to see like family members but it’s just TMZ.”

And what does Too $hort think of the hip hop community still not accepting gay rappers?

“I just feel like at this point in time we should allow gay people to get married, we should not ridicule anyone who comes out, just go with it, it’s just a lifestyle,” Too $hort said.

“Plus I feel like if somebody- all these upstanding people who are like ‘no its bad’ -if we went in their closets oh my god….” he exclaimed.

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