Ashley Tisdale Dishes Long Lost High School Musical Secrets!


Ashley Tisdale (“Sharpay” from Disney Channel’s High School Musical) dished on what was going through every High School Musical fan’s mind after finishing the trilogy. What ever happened to all of Sharpay’s clothes during the movies?

If fashion were a monarchy, Sharpay would have been the queen reigning from 2006-2008. Not only was everything in her wardrobe gorgeous shades of pink, but her style ranked a confidence that we all secretly hoped for. Just check out these looks, for example:

After the trilogy ended and the faithful crew went on to their own college adventures, fans became instantly curious about what happened to her glorious array of designer clothes that are too quintessential of the 2000s to pass up.

The answer? Ashley Tisdale still has the clothes, and is ready at any moment to make an epic comeback of the 2000s wardrobe.

We’re not sure if this leaves you at your computer mentally screaming and ready to pull out your all-denim ensemble again, but it sure leaves us excited for any surprises the actress might have up her sleeve with this information. The celebrity just traded her tap shoes and leotard for a pair of business heels and a blazer, as she’ll be assuming the role of Creative Director for the t-shirt company Signorelli. The company, started in 2005 by Meredith Garrett, focuses on creating edgy and feminine designs for the everyday modern woman, especially under the new direction that Tisdale has.

She might sing, dance and act, but Tisdale has another hidden talent: a keen eye for style. During her High School Musical days, Tisdale recounts innovating some of the clothes that her character would wear.

“I invented some of the outfits in the movies – i would take a shirt and wear it as a tube dress, and it would become a staple outfit, which was so crazy. i created the character through her clothes. i wore the dress with pants underneath and a belt and it was this one specific moment in a movie. It’s funny how the stuff you have so much fun with in a fitting actually happens and it becomes a part of a cultural phenomenon.”

Throughout the last few years, we’ve seen a number of decade trends spring back to life. From the return of scrunchies and 90s grunch to 1960s inspired circle rim glasses, it’s possible that fashion from the early 2000s may be making a significant return ahead.  From peasant tops to camouflage, the 2000s arguably may have been one of the strangest eras for fashion trends, but hey, we’re in!

Although there’s no sign that the High School Musical will be all in this together anytime soon, it’s pretty incredible seeing what each cast member decides to end up doing for the rest of their life instead. From Ashley Tisdale becoming an executive to Monique Coleman being hailed as a UN GirlUp Ambassador, the possibilities are endless for the crew that refuses to stick to the status quo.

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