Beyonce Sparkles at Brit Awards



“I love you like XO,” sings Beyonce in her latest single, and we love her like XO to the tenth power.

Queen Bey performed the smash hit for the first time on television at the 2014 Brit Awards and as always she delivered. The extravagant diva and wife to Jay-Z, was hot as ice as she sang on the London stage.

The royal music icon shimmered in a jaw dropping gown by Vrettos Vrettakos, whom she has worked with previously for her Mrs. Carter World Tour. Exhibit A: the body hugging, bootylicious, sparkling blue bodysuit she has been seen wearing for the show.

This particular dress outshines that number as it is made up of 140,000 Blue Zirgon Swarvoski Crystals and although it may seem that it adds extra wiight. the singer’s stylist Ty Hunter explains, “It’s not as heavy as you’d think.”

It may surprise you that Ty and fashion designer Vrettos did not meet at some fancy, over the top event.  The two met through social media, as Ty explains, “I met him on Facebook. He would send me messages on Facebook, before the tour started.”

Way to go Vrettos for scoring a major win with Beyonce! Proving that if you really want it, you find a way to get it!

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