Cameron Diaz stops by Jimmy Fallon with her New Book!


The brand new Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has aired its 12th episode and has already brought out the phenomenal Cameron Diaz on lucky number 10! They chatted, they laughed, and they even did a three-legged dance together! Another incredible part of the show was when Cameron brought out her new book, The Body Book: The Law of Hunger, The Science of Strength, and Other Ways to Love Your Amazing Body.

Cameron Diaz

Here are 3 reasons why this book is just as perfect as the author herself:

1.     The book offers a holistic and long-term approach to lifestyle changes. In Cameron’s eyes, she believes that there is no such thing as a diet. She believes in eating an abundance and wide variety of foods to get the total nutrition you need. She describes life not in terms of deprivation as a diet would do, but rather in nutrition and abundance, as a lifestyle change, and as she decided to live her life.

2.     Cameron also focuses on the importance of fitness and taking care of the beautiful body that you were given. She stresses how vital a healthy lifestyle is and just how movement affects your energy and your entire mindset. She works out her body as well as working out her mind and she describes this in the book as an extremely powerful asset to possess.

3.     In the subtitles of the book you see the words Love Your Amazing Body. This is yet another aspect that Cameron stresses in her book: Positivity. She describes everyone as having their own individually unique body and to embrace it, to love it, and most importantly, to empower it. Positive thoughts that strengthen the mind and body are steps to making it just as amazing as it is!

In the words of us here at PopStopTV, we say three cheers for Cameron! She is the epitome of a strong and beautiful woman. Now what are you waiting for? Go grab The New York Best Seller List Book by Cameron Diaz, The Body Book, before the shelves run out!