Elijah Wood Chats “Wilfred” Season 2 and “The Hobbit”! Watch Exclusive PopStop TV Interview

Posted on Jun 29 2012 - 12:18pm by XiXi Yang

Elijah Wood Chats “Wilfred” Season 2 and “The Hobbit”! Watch Exclusive PopStop TV Interview

Last year when we spoke with Elijah Wood at the season premiere of “Wilfred” on FX Network, he wasn’t sure which he liked better – leading a TV series for the first time or being voted one of the best dressed men by GQ magazine!

Fast-forward a year later, “Wilfred” is picked up for a season two with amazing A-list guest stars like Robin Williams. When our PopStop TV News team caught up with Elijah at FX Network’s summer series premiere, he dished that knowing he’s coming back for another round is almost like a sense of job security!

“When I found out that we had a second season last year, I was so excited. I loved making the first season, it’s a show I’m really proud of, and it was kind of an odd sense of job security.” Elijah told us exclusively. “‘Oh, you’re going back to work,’ and I get to work on something I love. It’s a joy.”

Evidently, the 3-month commitment of filming the show works out perfectly with his brief role in “The Hobbit”. The 31-year-old actor is returning to the “Lord of the Rings” franchise that launched his career 11 years ago.

“I’m very excited for ‘The Hobbit’. I feel like I’m a fan because I’m in so little of “The Hobbit” that I get to be an objective fan. I wasn’t there for the majority of the filming – they’ve been filming for over a year. So I get to go and see it with fresh eyes.”

The Hobbit” is scheduled to hit theaters December 13, 2012. Hit the comments!

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