Jessie J Sings Girl Out Of Coma?


Apparently Jessie J has the voice of an angel that can bring a 6-year-old girl out of her coma! Tyla Atkin was involved in a serious car accident in April, which caused her to go into a coma.

Eight days after the crash, Jessie J visited Tyla at the hospital. Tyla’s mother had contacted Jessie’s team and Jessie J appeared at Tyla’s bedside. The singer spent 30 minutes singing Tyla’s favorite song, Rainbow. Then Tyla began to awaken!

Mrs. Atkins said, “Doctors say you have to keep talking to people in comas to keep them focused and connected. I believe Jessie J saved Tyla. She gave my daughter back to me. I’m so grateful.”

Tyla has fully recovered and Jessie J still keeps in touch with the family. Jessie J must be feeling pretty good about her healing abilities!