OK Go Creates Video Genius With Funky New Road Trip (VIDEO)


Chicago Indie rock band OK Go, known for their outside-the-box music videos, is at it again! Their latest video “Needing/Getting” is a musical feat unparalleled.

OK Go successfully played the instruments in their new song– with a car. In this well-played branded entertainment video, the foursome outfitted a Chevy Sonic with retractable arms. The arms hit 1,000 actual instruments as the car drove down a deserted road near Los Angeles, CA. And this wasn’t just for show, the instruments were actually producing sounds for the video (in tune!).

This road trip took four months of preparation, and part of the final result was featured in Chevrolet’s Chevy Sonic ad that premiered during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

What we’re dying to know is, where the heck did they find all these instruments?