Olivia Pope: Get The Look!


Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), whether you admit it or not, is every woman’s ultimate life goal. Not only is she the head of one of the biggest firms in Washington D.C.,  but she’s also dating the President, BFFs with a former spy, and a woman who refuses to take no as an acceptable answer. With a schedule as busy as Olivia’s, you would think that she wouldn’t have the time to dress flawlessly, but every episode, she stuns. If you’re wanting to channel not only your inner Olivia, but your outer as well, read this article to see how you can achieve her classy look!

Essential #1: Those curls though.

To achieve Olivia Pope’s perfect curls, simply take a 1-1’5 inch curling iron. Clamp the curling iron down, nearing the top of the section of your hair that you want to curl.  Pull the iron halfway (away from your face, as you don’t want to accidentally burn yourself!). Once you’re done curling your hair, be sure to loosen the curls with your fingers and lock the looseness into place by using hairspray. Boom – just that simple!

Essential #2: Make that lipgloss popping.

Whether it’s addressing the national media or kissing El Presidente’s lips, Olivia Pope does not go in unprepared. Achieve Olivia’s simple yet timeless look by putting on a pale pink or nude lipgloss. What’s more, Olivia knows that lipgloss on her teeth isn’t a good idea, so make sure you do the lip check before you bolt out of the door. All you have to do (although it might feel a bit odd) is to take two fingers, stick them around your teeth for two seconds, and voila! All excess lipgloss or lipstick is gone. Ain’t nothing stopping you now!

Essential #3: White on white on white.

Olivia Pope is the queen of color-coordination, specifically in her classic wardrobe of white clothes. Channel your inner Olivia by rocking a white blazer, ruffled grey blazer, your favorite necklace, slacks, and a pair of heels that will leave people awestruck by your girl-boss attitude! Blazers are simple ways to take a casual top and instantly dress it up or to accompany a dress on a chilly day, while your professional attire will empower you to conquer your day – whether it’s handling a presidential scandal or trying to get through your 8 am shift!

Essential #4: Wine.

Changing the world can be a tiring task, so why not unwind with a glass of wine to celebrate your victory? Olivia Pope is a frequent wine drinker, in which she accompanies it with her favorite bowl of popcorn and a news program to end the day. Whatever your method of relaxing is, be sure to remember to take some time for yourself and celebrate every triumph – whether big or small.

We can’t all be Olivia Pope, but there are intentional things we can do to showcase our inner girl-boss. From borrowing her all-white cue to keeping her daily makeup look simple, there is an Olivia Pope blossoming in all of us.




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Julia Darling (Julia Schemmer) is a first-year student at the University of California, Riverside, pursuing Political Science/International Affairs. When she's not studying, she is involved with student government, performing spoken word, or watching one too many episodes of Scandal. Julia aspires to become an international human rights lawyer, foreign correspondent and diplomat in the Middle East upon graduation.