Horrible Bosses 2 Press Conference With Jennifer Aniston, Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis and Christoph Waltz


Horrible Bosses 2

The film, “Horrible Bosses 2,” directed by Sean Anders, stars Jason Bateman as Nick Hendricks, Jason Sudeikis as Kurt Buckman, and Charlie Day as Dale Arbus. In this sequel, the three friends, Dale, Kurt, and Nick, want to be their own bosses and to do so, they created a product, the Shower Buddy. However, when money problems arise after dealing with a crooked investor, they plan on kidnapping his adult son in order save their company. As the movie progresses, we see that they are completely over their heads with their plan, They can’t even execute their plan because of their lack of intelligence or common sense, which provides hilarious dialogue.

In the first “Horrible Bosses” film, they decide to kill their bosses because, well, their bosses were terrible human beings. Besides Nick, Dale and Kurt, Jennifer Aniston reprises her role as the sex crazed dentist, Dr. Julia Harris, Jamie Foxx as Dean
“MF” Jones and Kevin Spacey as Dave Harken.

During Monday’s press conference at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Jennifer not only said she enjoyed playing Dr. Julia again, but explained that she was open to pushing the envelope with her character.

“Honestly, the writers called to say how far can we go with Dr. Julia, and I basically said, go as far as you can go, as long as we’re not insulting and offending too many people. I think it rose itself to the occasion,” Jennifer said.

In film, we meet Dr. Julia again as she attends a sex addiction meeting, which Jennifer explained was entertaining to do.

“The dialogue was great and the situation where you meet her, the SA group…I think those were all great. It just lent itself to great humor situations. I was just psyched, “ she added.

Jennifer talked about how she continued to think about her character since the first film opened in 2011.

“I did think about her throughout all the films I have done since. She’s a hard one to let go of. Didn’t get enough of her, it was too quick, it was just like a little In ‘N’ Out burger,” she said with a laugh.

On her character’s intentions at the SA meeting, Jennifer said that while her character was trying to seek help, it also gave her a chance to find new conquests.

“She lost all of her patients, she’s done all of them so maybe this way just another wonderful innocent way to find more prey,” Jennifer said.

“I find it extremely entertaining the way she speaks because I don’t really think to her she’s saying anything inappropriate and I think for her it’s describing, say the ingredients to a wonderful soufflé or what are we going to be doing this weekend,” she explained about the language Dr. Julia uses.

When asked if they ever had a horrible boss in real life, before Jason Sudeikis could answer, Jason Bateman jokingly said “Lorne Michaels.” Lorne is the executive producer of Saturday Night Live.

“Oh yeah he [Lorne] ruined it for me. Like I’m just trying to have a nice existence in Kansas City doing improv comedy and then this, the Canadian sun of a gun says come here and be on a tv show,“ he joked.

“No I haven’t really had too many…any bad boss I had probably was because I was a bad employee, which is something both Charlie and I realize throughout being asked that question,” Jason Sudeikis added.

Charlie chimed in saying, “The more I get asked that and the more I think about it and those experiences, the more I realize how justified those people were.”

Christoph said that, “I have a problem with authority, so every boss.”

In addition, before filming, Jason Sudeikis explained that they all sat down to watch the first film.

“In pre-production, going through the script in rehearsals with Sean and John [writer], we watched it in my trailer that day because that’s one of things about doing a sequel is that one element of sequelitis…how things were, how things came to be and when you actually sit there and watch the movie we’re basing the second one on, you’re like oh that’s right, oh ok. It was really fun, I know for me it got me fired up to do it again,” Jason Sudeikis said.

New characters introduced include the slimy investor, played by Christoph, and his character’s son, Rex, played by Chris Pine.

Charlie said that while there is always a concern with bringing anyone new into a film if there was already chemistry on set, Chris fit right in.

“I always thought Chris was extremely funny as Captain Kirk in those movies. He delivers the action but he also have great comedic timing, so I really wasn’t worried about him and then he’s such a great actor that working with Christoph or Jen or any other character that comes on the scene, if they are a great actor, they’re only making the scene better,” Charlie said.

The cast chemistry was obvious during the press conference, as was the perfect comedic timing of its actors. In between jokes and hilarious comments, we found out that Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie and Jennifer used ad-libbing and improvisation throughout filming.

In one scene, Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis’ characters play a game in the car: kill, marry, f***.  We see in the bloopers that they ad-libbed several different responses, and was asked which answer was the most interesting for the game.

“Was there anything thought provoking? Not at all and if there and if we bumped into something like that in this film, I apologize we had no idea,” Jason Sudeikis joked.

“I did just drive by that location dropping my kids off at school and get a little smile,” Jason Bateman said.

Jason Sudeikis quipped, pretending to be Jason Bateman’s kid, “This is where daddy played f*** marry kill.”

“Horrible Bosses 2” hits theaters on November 26.