Beyonce Donates $7 Million For The Homeless


Beyonce finds way to go above and beyond, always coming out on top!

This time, Queen Bey donated $7 MILLION to the homeless families in her hometown of Houston to build a low-income housing project.

Her pastor, Rev. Rudy Rasmus, gave a quick word about how wonderful Beyonce is and for all the amazing things she does:

“She’s an incredible human being. Has an incredible heart and has been extremely helpful in our mission and our ministry here. She has a global platform and is doing some amazing work and I’m glad she’s a friend of mine.”

It’s always so beautiful to see celebrities give back to their communities!

People don’t call Beyonce “Queen Bey” for no reason. I mean, she’s just so amazing and giving, no wonder the love people have for her are endless.

Way to go Queen Bey!