EXCLUSIVE: Danity Kane Talks Reunion, New Music, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix & More!


Danity Kane

Danity Kane is back and better than ever!

Rumors of a possible reunion first appeared online when four of the five-member girl group were photographed getting lunch together in Los Angeles on May 13th! Since then, the official @DanityKane page appeared on Twitter and Instagram, and Aubrey, Dawn, Aundrea and Shannon officially announced their reunion on the red carpet arrival of the 2013 MTV VMAs.

Our PopStop TV News host XiXi Yang had the amazing opportunity to catch up with the quartet in Los Angeles to get the inside scoop on their highly-anticipated reunion, new music, and more. 

We first asked them, “Why now?” The group has been on hiatus for almost five years, and fans have been demanding for a reunion year after year. Why did the ladies feel like this is the perfect time to reunite?

According to DK, it’s just the right time in their personal and professional lives to come forward and really rewrite their ending. They’ve had a little time to venture off individually to work on their own projects, and now, they’ve decided to come back into a situation where they have full control. This time around, the ladies of DK will be in control of all their business affairs and creative freedom. “We can write, we can produce and we can make the music that we’ve always wanted to make.”

On D. Woods leaving the group, the ladies respect her decision. The girls dish, “We all 5 made this group what it was, and that’s a big deal. But we’re moving forward, and we want people to see that those who are here wanted to be here.” D. Woods has apparently been grinding and busy working on her solo project, and they just really support each other but are heading in separate directions. When XiXi asks if it’s still a possibility for D. Woods to come back to the group, Aubrey replies, “I know D is really grinding on her solo projects, so right now we support her, she supports us, and we’re just really moving forward in our own separate directions.”

On no longer working with P. Diddy, the man who created them in “Making The Band” on MTV, the girls admit that it feels a lot like graduating from a great Ivy League school. Diddy was education to DK when they first started, but now, they must move on to newer and better things. In simpler words, the girls get more creative freedom!

And what was it like coming back together after working solo and venturing out for a little bit?

The girls rave, “I think it’s only making Danity Kane better. There’s so much depth to it and that’s going to shine a lot.”

If we’re sure of one thing, it’s that DK fans will ride or die with the group until the end. Their first reunion show on December 16th at the Hollywood House of Blues was all sold-out! But don’t worry… perhaps you can check them out on a new reality TV show? The ladies admit they’re still bitten by the reality-TV bug, which is totally understandable considering the group was formed on MTV’s “Making the Band.” They reveal that the concept of a docu-series focusing on their comeback is intriguing, saying, “cameras documenting us from the very beginning, if we ever want to reach out and share our stories, that’s definitely something we would revisit.”

As for newer and upcoming girl bands like Little Mix and Fifth Harmony, Danity Kane says that it’s really good to see that! “It’s exciting. There’s been a big gap. There hasn’t been any girl who has really come through.” In fact, it’s really important to see girls from different cultures and roots come together and shine!

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DK also played a fun game called #NoFilter! Just how much do the girls know each other?

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