Hilary Duff Says She’s Nervous About Comeback!

Posted on Dec 6 2013 - 7:42am by Angelina Hwang

Hilary Duff Says Shes Nervous About Comeback!

We’re super excited about the return of Hilary Duff, but we know one person who’s very nervous! Yes, Hilary herself!

That’s right. The 26-year-old singer thinks that especially with artists like Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift in the scene, it’s going to be a different business now. She dishes, “Honestly, it can be intimidating. I’m not comparing myself but a lot of the things that go on in pop music are not me or who I am. Or not yet. Who knows what I’m going to wake up tomorrow and feel like? I really just try to come and be who I am.”

She continues, “And one person I think is a really good example is like Taylor Swift. She’s really honest with her lyrics and her stage show isn’t like some crazy thing that’s controversial. But I think what Miley Cyrus is doing is really cool and I think she’s being who she wants to be and that is important. And so I respect that.”

Well, we’re so pumped for her new album! Apparently it’s going to have some EDM influence and much more.

Hilary dishes, “Then some songs are kind of like indie and earthy. I don’t know, that sounds really weird. It’s all over the map. Some songs have really heavy piano. Some have like funky weird tinkering sounds.”

What do you guys think? Are you guys excited for her comeback? Hit the comments below and tweet us @PopStopTV.

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