iTunes Poppin’: New Music from One Direction, Christina Aguilera, Deftones


iTunes Tuesday has once again brought us some new music to get us poppin##Q## through the week!

Settle down chicas, the wait is over! One Direction has finally released their new album, Take Me Home! Wait, finally??? They##Q##ve only just released their first album in the U.S. back in March! Wow these boys are busy! While we are sure that this album will be a hit with teen girls and definitely blow up on the charts- the songs are so similar sounding and that makes the album seem all the more thrown together for a quick holiday cash-in.

You may know Christina Aguilera from the HUGE NBC show The Voice, but did you know she##Q##s releasing a new cd? Most people don##Q##t! In fact, the amount of promotion Xtina has done for her new album Lotus (out today) is almost zero! We are wondering if the pop star is trying a different approach with publicity regarding this album considering what a colossal flop her last album Bionic was even with its HEAVY promotion. Even though I LOVED Bionic in all its hot mess glory- I do think that Lotus is a somewhat worthy successor. Lead single “Your Body,” “Let There Be Love” (both penned by Max Martin) and “Red Hot Kinda Love” are sure to keep Xtina in the clubs, while empowerment anthem “Army of Me” and ballad “Blank Page” are sure to please die hard Christina fans. The only missteps on the album are the inclusions of Christina##Q##s fellow The Voice judges Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green on a couple ill-fated duets. While we don##Q##t expect this album to dominate the charts or iTunes, we think it##Q##s a worthy addition to the Xtina songbook!

Koi No Yokan is the first album in 2 years from the Deftones and it definitely packs a wallop. As a huge fan of the Deftones myself, I must say I was itching to get ahold of this album. And I##Q##m glad I did because I think it##Q##s one of their stronger (if not strongest) albums to date. For sure check out “Leathers,” “Tempest” and “Gauze.”

So head to iTunes or your local Best Buy to grab a copy of any (or all) of these new cds! I promise you will find at least a jam or two on each album 🙂

Go to iTunes….NOW!