Taylor Swift to Release ‘1989’: Everything You Need to Know


taylor swift 1989

We recently heard that Taylor Swift is going to release her first official “pop” album. And the release date will be on October 27th, 2014. Since Taylor Swift ‘s career change from county music to pop music, a lot of fans are really excited about it.

The new album will be sold only at Target and there are a total nine different songs that have been included in “1989.” According to some sources that interviewed Taylor personally, she said that her life has changed in ways that surprised her. She probably thinks this new transition of her singing career is a “rebirth” of herself and of course, she challenged herself a lot as well.

She also mentioned that during the time of “Red,” she was still very girl minded, and all about romance. But right now at this point, she feels that she wants to enjoy her life, spend time with friends and make her life more complete and see more by traveling. She feels that the changes and new experience theme will be seen clearly in “1989.” It is great to see Taylor changed through the past two years and fill herself more with experience.

Before the album been officially released, different pieces of ‘1989″ will come out, so check them out by following our website!!