McKayla Maroney Is Not Impressed! (PHOTOS)


Okay don’t worry, McKayla Maroney is not actually not impressed by anything. However, there has been a meme floating around called, “McKayla Is Not Impressed.”

The meme is inserting a photo of McKayla Maroney with her arms crossed, and a scowl on her face into any photo you can find. There is even a Tumblr page, which caused the viral sensation, dedicated to her not being impressed! The photo of her is from her earning a silver medal after the vault competition. McKayla’s disappointment of not winning gold was written all over her face. It looks like she was not impressed with herself for falling down on her vault landing!

However, McKayla is a good sport and doesn’t mind this meme. She tweeted the Tumblr link, saying it made her laugh and even joined in on the fun with her teammates, Kayla Ross and Aly Raisman. They took a photo of themselves dressed in robes, arms folded with scowls on their faces saying, “the pool is closed…#notimpressed.”

Good to know these girls have a sense of humor! Hopefully the Olympics closing ceremony impressed McKayla Maroney!