Miley Cyrus Ugly Sweaters?


Miley Cyrus Christmas Sweater

Are you worried about what you will be wearing to your annual ugly sweater Christmas party? Well, look no further! We have a few options right here that will not only make you stand out like a sore thumb, you’ll also be impressing your friends with your knowledge in pop culture!

Miley Cyrus definitely made an impression at the 2013 MTV VMAs!

Not only were foam fingers all sold out on Halloween, everyone rushed to the stores to buy the onesie she wore during the “Blurred Lines” performance!

Now, it looks like her tongue is more famous than she is!

This holiday season, Miley’s fans will be rocking the MTV VMAs inspired Christmas sweaters with the 21-year-old singer’s face on it!

On the sweater, she’s wearing a Santa hat and sticking her tongue out like she did during her performance and the “We Can’t Stop” music video!

Although this sounds like a terrible idea, trust us! It’s not the first celebrity-inspired ugly sweater people have come out with!

There’s the Rob Ford inspired Christmas sweater, which looks exactly like Miles’.

Rob Ford sweater

Then there’s that Justin Bieber inspired vest with the ornamental jewels on the side! Yuck!

Justin Bieber Sweater

There’s that Morrissey sweater…

Morrissey Sweater


The Mike Tyson t-shirt…

Mike Tyson sweater

And the absolutely horrendous Katy Perry sweatshirt!

Katy Perry sweater

What do you guys think about the Miley inspired Christmas sweater? Make it pop or make it stop? Which celebrity-inspired ugly Christmas sweater are you going to rock? Hit the comments below and tweet us @PopStopTV.