Jimmy Kimmel Live Shocks Us All With Sofia Vergara!

Posted on Jan 10 2014 - 7:03am by Angelina Hwang

Jimmy Kimmel Live Shocks Us All With Sofia Vergara!

Hey, we all know from “Modern Family” that Sofia Vergara has a feisty side to her, but who saw this coming on late night TV?

It was a hilarious night on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

Not only did we get to see the amazingly gorgeous Sofia Vergara come on as a guest, she and Jimmy decided to spice things up by reading some mean comments about each other. They were ACTUAL messages that critics have posted about the two on Jimmy Kimmel’s webpage.

In the episode, Sofia starts out, “I hate Jimmy Kimmel. He has squinty eyes and a gape mouth that never really closes.

Jimmy Kimmel continues, “If only Sofia was a mute. Her voice rings in my ears.” The “Modern Family” actress reassured the audience that she’s heard worse comments.

The comments went on for a couple more rounds until Jimmy said, “Sofia Vergara, has anyone checked for a p-nis?”

As soon as he said that, the 41-year-old actress gasped and slapped him! That’s right!

The TV talk show host, who was shocked himself, said, “What! These are from the Internet!” to which Sofia replied, “For sure bigger than yours!

At the end, you can see her laughing. Whew! It looks like everything was a joke!

What did you guys think about the hilarious episode? Ouch! That slap definitely sounds like it hurt! Hit the comments below and tweet us @PopStopTV.

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