“Pretty Little Liars” New Theory: Is Bethany Young Ali’s Twin Courtney DiLaurentis?


Alison is A PopStop TVAlright, Liars. Ever since the season 5 finale aired on August 26, 2014, we have had major withdrawals! After many sleepless nights, we started our very own investigation with the goal of tying up loose ends.

Not only did season five leave us with a shocking death (Mona!), it also left us with even more unanswered questions. While the rest of world is still reeling from Mona’s death, we zeroed in on a seemingly innocent character – Bethany Young.

Who is Bethany Young? We share our shocking discovery, theory and our predictions for upcoming episodes.

In the book, Alison DiLaurentis has an identical twin sister, Courtney. According to the novels, Courtney was the more popular one and Alison was often jealous of her life. Courtney, although not mentally unstable, spends three years at Radley after Ali framed her and made her seem like she was psychotic. Long story short, Radley closed down, Courtney tricked Mrs. D by switching places with Ali, and Ali was sent to another mental institution. Then, Ali sought revenge by pushing Courtney into a construction hole beneath the gazebo. Alas, Courtney was dead, and no one knew about it besides Alison.

Three years after Courtney’s murder, a body found after construction workers tore down the gazebo. Also, according to the book, Courtney was the one who imposed Ali’s identity and befriended the liars – not the actual Ali. If all this is true, it could be enough ammo for Ali to create the idea of “A,” a tormetor for the liars.

Ready for the juiciest part of all? Our theory is that Bethany Young is actually Alison’s twin sister, Courtney! Ok, we know what you’re thinking, but bare with us as we explain how we arrived at that conclusion.

Three years after Courtney’s death, Ali is 16 and allegedly disappears. Remember in the first episode of the TV show a body was dug up from underneath the gazebo at the DiLaurentis house and they all thought it was Ali? The cops ID’d the body as Ali using DNA, but then later the in the show, the Rosewood PD reveals that the remains below to someone named Bethany young.

OK, let’s face it. Courtney was pushed into a gazebo in the book, and on the show, a body was found underneath a gazebo. Furthermore, we all know Rosewood PD can be a bit shady, but what if they didn’t lie about the DNA sample? What if the DNA was similar to Ali’s because – gasp! – the victim is her twin sister?

Another point that supports our theory is that Bethany Young is the only deceased character on the show whom we have never seen yet! No photos, no flashbacks, no gruesome church funerals, nothing. There’s a reason why we don’t know what Bethany looks like, and it may have something to do with the fact that she looks just like Ali.

Another crucial moment that hints at Bethany being Ali’s twin sister is when the girls find out Ali hated Bethany because of the affair between Mrs. D, Ali’s mom, and Bethany’s dad. First, Mrs. D was caught having an affair with Spencer’s dad, now she’s having one with another married man? Either Mrs. D is the sweetest tart of Rosewood, or she was sleeping with her husband – Bethany’s “dad”, aka Mr. D.

As if all that weren’t enough, Bethany and Courtney both spent three years at Radley—most likely because, well, they are the same person.

We know that the writers have commented before and said they weren’t exploring the “twin theory” options, but let’s face it – the show has 2 more season to go at least, and the twin theory was one of the key elements in the book! What better way to introduce Courtney than for her to assume the identity as Bethany Young? We spot a decoy!

In the last episode, Mona tells Aria that she can prove Ali is A. The reason why Mona was killed off was because she has figured it out and knew the truth. The truth being that Bethany Young’s true identity is Courtney DiLaurentis, Ali’s twin sister.

Mona must have found out that Bethany Young is actually Courtney, and Ali wanted to silence her, so she killed her. But who is that other girl with Ali (A) that comes to Mona’s house? Could it be CeCe Drake? Or is it the same person as in the book who helps Ali kill Courtney three years ago?

Poor Spencer is Ali’s pawn, a way to cover up the murder of her sister Courtney. In order to make the cops suspect Spencer, Ali paid Cyrus Petrillo to pretend to be her kidnapper so that she would seem like a credible source. Ali also framed Spencer herself in her confessions. Spencer is in jail for the murder of Bethany, even though there is no evidence of it, and it benefits Ali too much for it to be a coincidence.

So, what’s going to happen on the show? Well, here’s our predictions:

Hanna and Spencer Will Kill Out of Self Defense: Since the start of the show, two of the four liars have had to kill someone in the name of self defense. Emily and Aria already did the unspeakable so that must mean one thing – it’s Hanna and Spencer’s turn!

Hanna Is the New Ring Leader: Another prediction is that Hanna will finally step up. The writers have already planted the idea that Hanna is actually smart. We got that in the last episode when Hanna tells Caleb that she did well on the SATs and is looking into Ivy League schools. Also, Mona will be the new “flashback” girl, and Hanna was the closest person to Mona, which means she could be key in figuring out what Mona discovered about Ali. We here at PopStop TV think Hanna will be seeing the Mona flashback and take a lead in solving who A is.

Liars and Ali Are More Separated Than Ever: They are no longer friends. Mona’s death was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. It is like declaring civil war because Ali is now the enemy. And the liars know that Ali is A and that Mona died because she was on to something.

Toby Will Jeopardize His Position to Save Spencer: Toby graduated from the police academy without finishing high school – which realistically is impossible, not to say totally suspicious. Are the writers setting up a new complication in the Spencer/Toby love story? Spencer got arrested with no evidence, and it’s probably because the writers want to have a seemingly doomed love story about a cop and criminal/convict.

Here are some things we want to see less of:

Ezra and Aria’s Relationship Is Pointless: Are they or aren’t they? The forbidden love between a young high school English teacher and an underage student was as enticing as “Tristan and Isolde” during the first couple of seasons, now it seems as pointless and inevitable as “Romeo & Juliet.” We are so bored of the repetitive nature of their relationship and it’s about time Aria steps back in the dating pool with someone remotely her age. Might was suggest Travis? Why should Hana have all the fun? After all, it’d cause more drama (yes!) within the group if Aria violates the girl code and goes after one of the Liars’ conquests.

No More Hocus Pocus: Will all the supernatural elements just stop already? The fans’ belief system is all based on logic and the more supernatural elements are incorporated into the show, the less hope fans will have in solving “A.” The lack of success the “Ravenswood” spin-off show has really proven that the PLL fans are not interested in watching another “Vampire Diaries” bootleg. Can you imagine the disappointment if Ali is actually a ghost? No, thanks!

What are your thoughts on our theory?  Share them below!


  1. Love the courtney bethany twin theory. Am starting to see the clues in other episodes too, makes sense

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