Pretty Little Liars Season 5, Episode 10: “A Dark Ali” (Spoiler Alert!)


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Oh Ali, here we go again with your secrets!

In “A Dark Ali,”  several bombshells were dropped!  The supposed “kidnapper” of Ali, Cyrus Petrillo, really knew Allison.  She reveals to Emily that she met Cyrus in Philly and they lived together in the basement.  Ali said that he didn’t want her, just her belongings.  Before he ran off with her stuff, he slashed her on her thigh, which explains the mysterious scar on Ali’s leg.

All of the liars pressure Ali to not positively identify Cyrus as her kidnapper, afraid that A put him up to this.  Alison promises to Emily that she will not identify him and let him be released.

Spencer has Noel Kahn’s photos and the recording of Allison’s story as insurance and tries to get the other liars to agree with her plan, which is to take the evidence to the police, beating A at her own game.

Hannah has quit the bottle.  Her downward spiral suddenly stopped–she tries to regain control of her life by eating healthier, exercising and auditioning for a spot in the school choir. Mona is also auditioning for the role, but before she heads in, faints.  Hannah helps Mona and when Mona asks for her to grab her purse, and before handing it to her, Hannah peeks in and sees Cyrus’ mughshot photo inside with his name circled in red.

Aria and Ezra have a fight after Aria catches Ezra talking to Allison at the coffee shop, after he promised her he wouldn’t talk to Ali.  Aria is also helping her mom after the broken engagement with Zack.

Hannah startles Mona when she joins her during her reconnaissance efforts. Mona is sitting in her car near the police station and Hannah reminds her how suspiously quick she recovered from her fainting spell.  Hannah point blank asks Mona if she set up the Cyrus confession as part of an A effort, but Mona quickly denies it, saying that she is trying to find out who did. Hannah watches as Mona hacks into Officer Tanner’s blue tooth device, which confirms that Allison did go behind their backs and positively identify Cyrus as her kidnapper.  However, Cyrus was already released only minutes earlier from her positive identification and vanished.

Spencer decides to ask her sister, Melissa, why she’s looking for flights and if she’s still helping Mona.  Melissa tells Spencer that Allison hasn’t changed and that she knows Ali wasn’t kidnapped.  Spencer pushes further, demanding to know the truth, which Melissa says she can’t say but that it’s not safe for either of them here.

When Emily finds out Allison’s betrayal, she confronts her.  Allison tells her she had no choice but Emily doesn’t buy it and that her betrayal affects all of them, not just Ali alone.  She adds that she almost died in the elevator, Hannah got hit by a car, and Spencer checked into Radley.  Emily tells her that she’s done with her and done standing up to her, before storming off.

The biggest reveal came in the last few minutes of the episode, where we see Allison, complete with a black wig, give an airplane ticket to the newly-released Cyrus in the woods.  Allison tells Cyrus that no one will miss you and if he crosses her, she will find him again.  After all that trouble, Allison was the one who put Cyrus up to the fake confession, not A.  Why did she want everyone to believe her kidnapping story?

In the end, we see A packing all of the black sweaters, and then one striped red apron or uniform.  Where do you think A is going?  Share your thoughts!