The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 1(Spoiler Alert!)


Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 1

The Vampire Diaries made its return on Thursday, picking up four months after Mystic Falls became a supernatural magic free zone, all because of the travelers. More importantly, the show picks up four months after Damon Salvatore and Bonnie Bennett are stuck on the other side, aka they are dead! On the bright side, Alaric has been resurrected after getting out of the other side.

Make sure you have tissues near by, because this episode is a tearjerker.

Elena is now a sophomore at Whitmore College, and we see that the newly human Tyler is also attending as well. Last season, the traveler’s caused Tyler to lose his hybrid abilities so now, he’s completely human. If he kills a life, he will become a werewolf once again. Tyler is dealing with major rage issues. Alaric warns him to keep his temper in check before he loses control and kills someone. Caroline dropped out of Whitmore and is determined to break the spell around Mystic Falls that doesn’t allow vampires into the town. She spends her time at the border of the town, having picnics with her mother, Sheriff Forbes.

We see the gang divided–Matt and Jeremy (both still human) are in Mystic Falls while the vampires, with the exception of Stefan, are all at Whitmore. Stefan is in Savannah, Georgia trying to find a witch that can bring Damon and Bonnie back from the other side. We see him working as a mechanic and that he has a new love interest, a woman named Ivy.

Matt is part of a community watch group, and is seen training with the squad. Jeremy is wallowing at home because of Bonnie’s death. Matt and Jeremy are living at Tyler’s house, and while Matt is busy training to help protect the town, Jeremy is drinking alcohol, playing video games, and making out with random girls. Matt tells him “You’re not much of anything.”

Elena is trying to find out how to deal with losing Damon forever by asking Luke, who is a warlock and the brother to witch Liv, to make her some witch herbs that cause her to hallucinate and see Damon. All summer she’s been using Luke as a witch “drug dealer” and drinking the herbs in order to see her dead boyfriend. None of her friends know what she is doing, except that she seems to be completely over Damon’s death. When Elena asks Luke to alter the herbs since they seem to make her thirstier for blood than usual, Luke decides it’s time he needs to cut her off since she has become addicted. She reminds him that he is the reason why Damon and Bonnie are gone. Luke tells her that he’s done making it for her, and he’s already done everything she’s asked, including making a daylight bracelet for Alaric.

Meanwhile, Caroline consults with Alaric about trying to find a spell to take away the curse over Mystic Falls that keeps supernatural beings from entering the town. He is teaching occult studies at Whitmore and gives her books on witchcraft, because she is determined to release the town from the curse.

Back in Savannah, we see Stefan and Ivy in bed, and she is trying to find out more about him. She tells him they’ve been hanging out for about two months and that she knows nothing of who he is or where he comes from. We find out that Ivy is from “Colorado, loves dogs, and her dad is a pain in the ass.” When she point blank asks him who are you, he tells her “I’m a vampire. And I like you.” Ivy doesn’t believe him and tells him “You’re so annoying.”

Elena once again takes the witch herbs. She goes for a drive with the Damon she is hallucinating. During the drive, Damon tells her she needs to stop taking the herbs. Elena spots a stranded girl on the road and stops to “help” her. As soon as she gets close to her, Elena attacks her and starts drinking her blood. Caroline catches her and the girl runs into Mystic Falls, where Elena cannot follow her. Caroline realizes that Elena is the vampire lurker who is attacking people near the border of Mystic Falls. She tells Elena that her mom, Sheriff Forbes has been trying to find out who is the lurker.

Elena reveals to Caroline that she is taking herbs that allows her to hallucinate her dead boyfriend because she can’t move on from his death. She tells Caroline that “I feel like I’m going to die” when she thinks about how she won’t ever see him again.

The girl Elena bit runs into town and Matt rushes to her aid, and he tries to explain to the rest of the squad that a dog bit her, not a person. Sheriff Forbes rushes over and she tries to downplay the vitcim’s story when the squad leader tries to find out what happened to her.

Elena calls Stefan when she’s back in the car, asking him to give her hope. She says “I need hope.” and that she needs to hear that he found something. He tells her that he gave up and that he stopped looking. “I said goodbye. Damon is gone.”

When she hears that, Elena completely goes unhinged. She drinks more herbs and tells her imaginary Damon that she is saying goodbye. She cries and throw things, telling him that she love him, but that she has to let him go. Elena collapses on the floor, crying while the imaginary Damon comforts her.

Tyler is told by Caroline that Luke has Elena addicted to witch drugs that allows her to hallucinate Damon and he starts choking Luke to death. Alaric stops him but later Tyler apologizes to Liv, saying it’s hard to control the rage, because that’s all he has left.

Caroline tries to contact Stefan but he breaks his phone. He never hears her message where she explains everything that has gone down, saying there is a “wall between humans and supernaturals. Matt and Jeremy stay in Mytic Falls. Everyone is separated.”

Elena later asks Alaric to compel her to forget that she ever loved Damon because she can never get over him. She asks him if he likes being a vampire, of which he says no I hate it. She tells him that she likes it, except the part about eternal love because now she has a hole in her heart for eternity. She reveals that there is no such thing as moving on–that’s a life she cannot live.

“In order for eternity to be more bearable I need you to do something. You were made into a vampire by an original, so you can compel other vampires. I want you to compel me to forget I ever loved him,” Elena tells him.

That last scene of the episode is a surprise–we see Damon making pancakes and making two plates of breakfast. He walks to a table where Bonnie sits waiting for the meal. He grabs a newspaper as he eats his pancakes, and we don’t know where they are or what house they are at, but we see that it’s a routine because Bonnie asks him if he is ever going to stop making a vampire face on her pancakes every time.

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