The Vampire Diaries Season 6, Episode 3: “Welcome to Paradise” Recap


The Vampire Diaries Recap Episode 3

In this week’s episode of “The Vampire Diaries,” Stefan and Elena are completely different people.

For Elena, it’s because she was compelled to forget about her good memories with her dead ex-boyfriend, Damon Salvatore.  For Stefan, he changed because Enzo killed his girlfriend, Ivy, and he is determined to get revenge on him, stopping at nothing.

Stefan leaves his mechanic job in Savannah and heads out to find Enzo.  He stops by and sees Elena, and notices that she doesn’t seem affected anymore from Damon’s death, but doesn’t comment on that.  Meanwhile, the squad leader, Tripp Fell, is hiding his dirty secret–that he kills vampires–from Matt and pretends to be a normal every day guy.

Jeremy is still very much with Sarah, the New York girl his sister Elena bit.  Meanwhile we feel some sexual attraction between Liv the witch and Tyler, although neither act on their urges.

There is a swimming hole party and Elena is determined to get the gang there to have fun.  She brings along a friend to introduce to Caroline, but he ends up kissing Elena instead.  Caroline has a hard time pretending with Elena that everything is ok because of her being compelled to forget Damon and what he meant to her.

Damon and Bonnie are shopping for grocery at a grocery store in their 1994 nightmare.  They notice a shadow but can’t seem to find the source.  After Bonnie and Damon get in a fight, Damon returns into the store and when he’s about to grab a bottle of alcohol, he sees the shadow, who is actually Kai.

Caroline becomes upset when she talks to Stefan, because she realizes that he isn’t the same Stefan that left Mystic Falls.  She is mad that he didn’t even come to see her and say sorry.  She tells him that if any part of him cares, stay, but if not, leave.  He leaves her and Caroline breaks down and cries, and Elena comes to comfort her friend.  Later at the dorm, Caroline tells Elena that she wants to stay with her at college for now.  Caroline admits to Elena that she misses him, and Elena asks her is she has feelings for Stefan, and Caroline replies, “Yeah, I think maybe I did.”

Damon asks why Kai is there and before he can answer him, Damon grabs a bottle of bourbon and drinks it.  It had verbane in it, and Kai tells him he is here to kill Damon.  Bonnie comes back and tells him to stop beating Damon up, and her powers return.  She starts a fire around Kai and saves Damon.  Later, Damon and Bonnie ask who he is and Kai tells him he did it on purpose to help get Bonnie’s magic back so they can get out of here.

Stefan and Enzo fight and accidently kill JJ, who is part of the safety squad for Mystic Falls.  When Enzo goes to a bar, Tripp shoots him with verbane into his neck.  He tells Enzo that he has eyes everywhere and knows what he did to JJ.  Enzo built up his tolerance to verbane and starts choking Tripp.  Before he can kill Tripp, Stefan comes and shoots Enzo with arrows and tells Thomas to do whatever he wants with him, as long as it’s painful.  Tripp thinks Stefan is also a vampire hunter–do you think he will find out soon that Stefan is actually a vampire?

What do you think?  Is Enzo really dead?  Do you think Damon and Bonnie will finally come back now that she has her magical powers back?  Share your thoughts below!