EXCLUSIVE: Watch Glee’s Jane Lynch Talk Matt Bomer Kiss! Is He a Better Kisser or Better Singer?


Fox’s Glee is going on its fourth season, and original cast member Jane Lynch, who plays Sue Sylvester, now has a career as strong as ever!

PopStop TV News caught up with Jane at The Three Stooges movie premiere in Hollywood to chat about the new film, Glee teasers and whether Matt Bomer is a better singer or kisser!

As a child growing up in Chicago, Jane watched television sitcoms such as The Three Stooges and The Little Rascals, but at the time she had no idea she would be casts in a future movie about the Stooges.

“I love it. I kind of grew up on [those shows]. Little did I know, I was doing research for a future role.”

Lynch says her character in The Three Stooges really has no similarities to her snide character in Glee except that they both wear the same uniform everyday, but since Sue is expecting her first child, we had to ask if she prefers a baby boy or a baby girl. She gave us the loving parent answer!

“I’ll take anything and I’ll love it equally, whether it’s a boy or a girl.”

Glee has dominated in ratings since its first season, and Jane spilled a secret for what we should expect in upcoming episodes.

“We’re going to find out who gets into NYADA. As you know, Kurt and Rachel auditioned, and one of them gets in and one doesn’t.”

Sounds juicy! But that’s not the only storyline going on. Matt Bomer guest starred in last night’s episode of Glee as Cooper Anderson, Blaine’s older brother, and one question all the ladies want to know is, is the hunk a better singer or kisser? Sue was the best person to ask!

“He does both so well–you can’t put me in that position. He’s adorable!”

Watch the full exclusive interview above! Who do you think gets into NYADA?

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