Ice Bucket Challenge- Who Did It Best?!


Ice Bucket Challenge- Who Did It Best?!

There has been a lot of buzz all over social media about the Ice Bucket Challenge, anyone from young to old to pedestrian to celebrity have hopped on the challenge and have nominated people to do it! Among Hollywood we picked out a few good ones that have been posted! From Drake doing it at his concert to Cody Simpson getting drenched in bed, we have picked a few that people have been talking about!

First up we have Justin Bieber, and he nominated all his #BELIEBERS 

Second we have Oprah, her reaction is the best!

Next we have Jenny from the Block! She challenged Iggy Azalea, Pitbull and Leah Remini

Fourth we have Miss Iggy Azalea, she challenged T.I, Rita Ora and CharliXCX

Next we have Cody Simpson, and his didn’t come as pleasant!

Im sure that woke him up!

Moving on to Tyga, he nominated Drake, Nicki Minaj and August Alsina

Following that we have Selena Gomez

Next we have Miss Britney Spears

James Franco was the next celeb to take the challenge

Lastly we have Lebron James

Which one was your favorite? Vote Below and let us know!

Ice Bucket Challenge-- Who Did It Best?

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