Jack Black Calls Mitt Romney a “Master Flip-Flopper” – Exclusive Interview! (VIDEO)


While his impression of Mitt Romney may be a little rusty on “The Late Show” with David Letterman, Jack Black has clearly made up his mind about which candidate he’s supporting in the 2012 election.

The mom-jeans-wearing, Romney-impersonating actor dished exclusively to PopStop TV News LIVE about his thoughts on Romney, politics, and just exactly what some of his policies would be if he were to run for president.

“No matter what Mitt says, he’s gonna say whatever he has to say to win,” the “Bernie” actor says. “We know who he’s really out for; he’s out to take care of the rich people and that’s about it,” Jack continues. “He said this much, many times. But now he’s going to switch up the stories, ‘No, no, no! I didn’t mean what I said back then!’ That’s all he does is change his mind on what he says. He says one thing in Michigan, and he’ll go over to California and say something else. The dude is a master flip-flopper, and I got to call him out on it.”

No wonder Jack was David Letterman’s first pick to impersonate Romney! The late night show host has been trying to get Romney on his show for many weeks, but to no avail.

On why it’s so important to cast a ballot on Tuesday, November 6, Jack replied, “Well, it’s important ‘cause it’s gonna be close. If the person you’re going to vote for is a clear favorite, then maybe you don’t have to vote because they’re going to win. But when it’s getting close like it is now, you got to go out there and vote for who you want to win.”

Watch the hilarious interview above and find out what Jack##Q##s policies would be if he were running for President!