SPICA Talks Coming to America, Upcoming Album and More: Exclusive Q-&-A!


SPICA Interview K-Pop PopStop TV

PopStop TV got the chance to interview Korean music sensation SPICA and caught up with the group about their new English album, coming to America, and what’s in their future.  Check out what they had to say!

PopStop TV: How has it been recording an English album?

SPICA: It was a new ambitious challenge for us. Working with our American producers Daniel Merlot, Cory Enemy and Oligee was true pleasure. They made the recording process fun and delightful.

PopStop TV: Favorite part about recording your English album?

SPICA: When we got the final mix back and were so happy to hear the song come alive!

PopStop TV: Besides the difference in language, how is this upcoming album different from previous ones?

SPICA: We want to explore new styles we haven’t showed our fans yet. I think the upcoming songs will really showcase our voices like never before.

PopStop TV: What can fans expect from your English album? 

SPICA: I think all we can say is expect many new surprises.  We want to broaden our musical horizons on this release.

PopStop TV: Any American pop stars you want to work with? Justin Bieber? Chris Brown?

SPICA: We love artists like Jessie J, Pink and Mariah Carey.

PopStop TV: You’re already a huge success in Korea – how does it feel to essentially have to start over in the US?

SPICA: It’s a true honor to have any opportunity to release music and play live here. We want to grow our fanbase here in the states so we can come back again and again.

PopStop TV: You performed at KCON 2014—how did you prepare for it?

SPICA: We prepared for weeks for KCON. We wanted to deliver a truly special performance for our American debut.

PopStop TV: What are your initial thoughts about coming to America?

SPICA: America has such a musical history. We were nervous but that just made us work harder.

PopStop TV: What was it like during the music video shoot for “I Did It?”

SPICA: We shot it in a huge studio right outside of Seoul. It was fun to get styled up and film the choreography we had been working on.

PopStop TV: What are some things you want to do in the US?

SPICA: Well shopping and eating top our to do list in this visit. We received so many suggestions from friends and fans of where to go in LA.

PopStop TV: Any places in America you hope to visit?

SPICA: We would like to be able to perform in cities like New York, San Francisco, Miami, etc.

PopStop TV: When can we expect the full-length English EP?

SPICA: Hopefully by the beginning of next year!

PopStop TV: How has it been working with producers Daniel Merlot, Cory Enemy, Oliver “Oligee” Goldstein?

SPICA: They were absolutely delightful to work with.They made the whole experience feel like fun rather than work. We hope to make many more songs with them.

PopStop TV: Where do you find inspiration for the new album?

SPICA: Our inspiration comes songs we listen to fashion, art, movies, inspiration always comes from the strangest places sometimes.

PopStop TV: Any plans for more shows in the US?

SPICA: Yes we want to record more songs for our American fans and come back as soon as possible to perform. The more shows we have in the states also means we have more opportunities to shop and eat in the states haha!

PopStop TV: How would you describe your sound to people who may not be familiar with your music yet?

SPICA: Our sound is essentially pop mixed with R & B, dance, 50s, funk, hip-hop, soul. We like to mix many influences in our sound.