EXCLUSIVE: Slash Partners With…Angry Birds?

Posted on Mar 8 2013 - 10:04am by J-Ro

Slash has formed a seemingly unlikely partnership with Angry Birds!

The legendary rock star has teamed up with Angry Birds and created his own “SlashBird” character for the popular mobile game. Also, Slash covers the Angry Birds theme song and also created a ringtone!  You can even get a special “SlashBird” t-shirt!

“We’re huge Slash fans, and Slash is a huge Angry Birds fan, so this was just an ideal match,” said Philip Hickey- Vice President of Marketing at Rovio(Angry Birds creator). “It all happened very organically and was just a lot of fun on both sides.  Our fans will love the track! Slash rocked the Angry Birds Space theme like only he could!”

Meanwhile the Grammy-winning guitarist is currently promoting his Apocalyptic Love. The third single from the album, “Anastasia,” is about to break the Top 25 on the Active Rock chart next week! The album has already had two number 1 hits for Slash- so hopefully this can be the third!

Check out Slash’s Angry Birds song below!


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